Microlab SOLO6C 2.0, 100 W, No


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104,44 €
SpalvaBlack/Dark Wood
Išmatavimai210 x 270 x 361mm
Ypatybės- Beautiful wooden cabinets with excellence sound quality, powerful 2-way speaker system - Crystal clear dynamic highs, balanced mid range and deep bass - Reference monitor quality, driven by high quality drivers - Each cabinet with 1" tweeter for high no
Tipas2-way speaker system
GalingumasAmplifier: Output power: 100 Watt RMS Power distribution: 50 Watt x 2 Speakers: Tweeter rated power: 10 Watt 6 ohm Bass rated power: 30 Watt
ValdymasRemote Control
KomplektacijaSOLO6C speakers x 2 Interconnect cable 2RCA - 3.5mm stereo 1.8m cable Full function remote control User manual
GarsiakalbiaiTweeter driver type: 1" Bass driver type: 6.5"
MaitinimasAC 220 - 240V, 50Hz
InterfaceInput 1: RCA jack Input 2: RCA jack
Dažnių diapazonas55Hz - 20kHz
Signalo/triukšmo santykis85 dB
Microlab SOLO6C 2.0, 100 W, No
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